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American Venus

This is certainly not what I should be doing with my time when it is 8 pm and I have two final exams in the morning, but when inspiration strikes, you are compelled to go with it. So here goes.

There is a long history of beautiful women: both mythological Aphrodite (Greek) and Venus (Roman); and actual women like Nefertiti, Queen of Ancient Egypt; Helen of Troy, a woman for whom many men gave their lives; Bathsheba, who seduced King David; and Cornelia, the Roman picture of Virtue.

Beauty and Power don’t necessarily coincide these days, but they once did.

Powerful women in History

I was reading today, while studying for my American Literature final and I came across an opinion of Henry Adams. He seems to have held the belief that there has been a long strain of beautiful, influencial and powerful women throughout history but that the ideal of beauty has drastically changed throughout time. He believed that there had never really been an American Venus. A picture of beauty and brains. I beg to differ. Here are the top 100 Powerful women of Today


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